Sopitify Gift Card

Can you buy Spotify gift card?

Give Spotify Premium as a gift! Note: You can’t make a difference a gift voucher on limited plans like Premium Understudy, Premium Family, Premium Pair, or preliminary offers.

Do Spotify gift cards work internationally?

No charges apply to Gift vouchers. We claim all authority to require extra confirmation of your character, Gift voucher or record possession, or arrangement of an extra installment instrument, before you can apply a Gift voucher to your record or your Equilibrium to a buy.

How long does a $10 Spotify gift card last?

Cards don’t lapse, and no latency expenses or administration charges apply. A guarantor isn’t liable for any misfortune or harm coming about because of lost, taken, or falsely acquired Cards or their unapproved use.

Do Spotify songs expire?

This is so Spotify can make sure that your membership is as yet dynamic and count track plays to repay specialists. On the off chance that you don’t go online with Spotify no less than once at regular intervals, any tracks you have downloaded for disconnected listening are naturally taken out from your gadget.”

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