ITunies Gift Card

What is a iTunes gift card used for?

On an Android gadget, you can utilize your present card to purchase an Apple Music membership.

Is iTunes card money?

An iTunes Gift voucher is a pre-loaded credit card for the acquisition of Apple’s computerized administrations. Access to the iTunes Store and all Apple media is provided by this. It awards you admittance to Apple’s internet-based store, where you can buy music, motion pictures, applications, programming, administrations, and so on.

Where can I use iTunes gift card?

Apple Gift Cards can only be used to buy products and services from the Apple Store, App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Books, and other Apple properties.

Is iTunes and Apple gift card same?

So what is the contrast between Apple Gift vouchers, Apple Store Gift vouchers and iTunes Cards? Formally, you had to select one of two cards. One for actual things (an Apple Store Present Card) and one for virtual buys (iTunes Cards). Yet, with the new Apple Gift voucher, you can do everything.

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